Social media, campaign tools

While social media is important to implement as a regular activity that can help your station reach its ongoing goals, it is also valuable to create discrete campaigns aimed at achieving specific goals. Developing and deploying campaigns can also be a good way to spur new collaboration among departments and to take your social media activity to the next level. Social media should be considered in the same way you approach any other communications campaign. It should be implemented in a logical, step-by-step process:

3.1 Campaign Outline

Start by outlining the basic elements of your campaign.

Step Description

What do we want to achieve?

Who are we targeting? What is the demographic?

Where are they funded?

Which social media groups are relevant to the audience we want to target (FB groups, Twitter lists, Twitter hashtags, forums, blog communities, etc.)?

How does this campaign start? Where does it go? How does it finish?

What is the core message you are promoting?

How are you planning on responding to engagement?

What is your timeline for the campaign?

What are the major milestones in your campaign? (launch, check-ins, core content creation, content deployment)

What are the social media tools, rich media tools, editorial tools, and non-digital tools we will use?

How will we measure success?

What are the tangible metrics we will look at, such as Facebook Likes, Comments, Retweets, mentions, views, membership, event attendance, etc.?

What are the intangible metrics, such as increased awareness about station or topic, credibility, etc.?

3.2 Staffing and Roles

A social media campaign should involve staff members in the station beyond just the person posting updates to your Facebook Page. When designing your social media campaign, try to involve multiple departments in campaign design, implementation, and measurement.

Below are examples of potential staff members and their responsibilities:

Staff Member Department Responsibilities


  • Schedule and post tweets, Facebook posts
  • Manage all other components and members of the social media campaign
  • Engage with fans/followers and respond to questions and comments/assigning responses to relevant staff

Community Engagement

  • Identify online groups to target throughout the campaign
  • Collect content from community members to be used in the campaign
  • Promote events through social media
  • Engage with fans/followers and respond to questions and comments


  • Identify ways to recruit new members
  • Help measure ROI by correlating campaign data with membership
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