Social media Publishing tools


Follow these steps to learn how to use the social media publishing tool to promote your website content.

1. Go to the social media publishing tool

Navigate to Social > Publishing.

This is the social media publishing dashboard. This is where you will see all of your social media messages that your published through your HubSpot account.

2. Click on "Compose a message" to post or schedule a new message

To begin creating a new message, click on the Compose a message button.

2. Click on Compose a message to post or schedule a new message3. Select the accounts that you want to publish a message to

Using the tabs on the top left of the screen, select the different accounts that you want to publish your new message to. You can publish messages to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Xing using the tool. If you haven't yet connected your accounts to HubSpot, click here for instructions.

4. Attach a blog post, landing page, or image to your message

After you've selected the accounts that you're going to publish a message to, choose the content that you're going to promote. You can use the Attach drop-down menu to quickly select a blog post, landing page, or image to attach to your message.7. Choose a campaign The Attach menu will automatically search through all of the blog posts, landing pages, and images you have on the HubSpot COS or CMS.

If you want to share some content that isn't hosted on HubSpot, you can type in a link to the content directly into the message box. Tip: make sure your link starts with "http://"

Below is a short video that shows you how to attach a landing page to a social media message. Any content that you attach to one social media account will automatically have its link carry over to the other accounts. You can then set unique messages for each account, while still promoting the same linked content.

6. Choose the times you are going to publish the message

The message composer will automatically select a publish date based on your social media publishing schedule, but you can change the date by clicking on the date field. Below you'll see a short video that demonstrates how you can change the time a message will be published and even add in additional re-publishing times.

7. Choose a campaign

After you've written your message, included a link to your content, and picked some times to post it, the last step is to choose a HubSpot campaign to associate the messages with. The Select Campaign button is located at the bottom left of the compose screen.

8. Schedule the message

Since your message is now ready to go, click the Schedule button to schedule it for publishing.

9. View scheduled messages

To view the messages that you have scheduled, click on Scheduled in the left menu bar.

Now you can see all of your scheduled messages and when they are scheduled to be published. From here, you can delete messages, edit them, and filter by scheduling status, social media network, and campaign.

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