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When companies mess up, online sentiment can take a nosedive. Just ask the fitness center in San Francisco that failed to pay a freelancer. (They now have one seriously disgruntled Yelp page!) [Update: Looks like most of the angry reviews have been removed.]

That’s one of the reasons online sentiment analysis has caught so much attention lately. Businesses and individuals need to know the buzz in their industry and whether they’re apart of it, for better or worse.

A slew of social media monitoring tools have cropped up to accommodate this need. While they don’t tend to offer the kind of robust analysis that dedicated sentiment analysis are designed to produce, they do allow you to “listen in” to conversations and glean useful insights.

If you’re looking to do online sentiment analysis but you’re struggling with a limited budget, here are five free social media monitoring tools to get you started!

Find out what people are saying about your brand quickly through Topsy. While it has a paid version, the free one is great too. You can easily track the buzz on Twitter about your website, branded keywords, or important non-branded keywords relevant to your industry.

If you work in content marketing, chances are you’re sharing content from your website all the time. But where are those links going? Find out through BackTweets. It lets you search through a tweet history to find who is distributing links that go back to your website, as well as what they had to say about your link.

This Twitter client is designed to help you search realtime tweets. By cutting through the noise, you can monitor topics that matter to you, whether it’s chatter about your company or an unfolding current event that’s relevant to your business. In other words, you can perform online sentiment analysis as an event is happening, making it possible to respond quickly and accurately.

Advertised as being like Google Alerts for Twitter, this site monitors the terms and URLs you care about. It sends hourly updates to make sure you don’t miss anything on the rapidly-moving Twittersphere. And if you fork over some cash, you get updates every 15 minutes.

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Which social media monitoring tool has the best automated sentiment analysis? - Quora

I would disagree with the notion that there is no magic bullet for sentiment analysis. Lexalytics Salience Engine gives 65-70% prevision out of the box which has been proven by majority of our customers. With moderate effort (1-2 linguists refining dictionaries to your specific domain knowledge) you will get to 75-77% accuracy in 4 weeks. With extensive efforts and if you are in a very structured vertical market you can get to 80-85% accuracy.
It is impossible to get above 85% accuracy for one very basic reason. If you give 2 professionally-trained linguists the same set of content and …

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