Social media tools and Psychology

While there are a lot of benefits to a mobile, participatory culture, from civic engagement, economic opportunities to education and entertainment, at the end of the day, our smartphones, laptops and tablets are just tools. As with all powerful tools, we have to learn how to use them well.

Social media and peer-to-peer networked communications are here to stay, redefining many of our assumptions about communications at home, work and play. Knowledge is the key to using new technologies and scholars and education experts agree that success in the 21st century is going to be increasingly rely on media and technological literacy made up of the following competencies:

  • Knowing how to effectively search and share information
  • Having the critical thinking skills to evaluate the quality of information
  • Recognizing the perspectives and agendas of media creators
  • Developing ethical judgment and responsible digital citizenship, both interpersonally and legally

Social technologies can be very empowering. They let people take action on their own behalf any time, putting control in the hands of the use. With freedom come the responsibilities of self-knowledge and self-regulation. As with all things, the excessive use of social media and digital technologies can present problems.

Balance is key

While research does not support the fears about social media causing “addiction”, destroying empathy and social skills or turning a generation into narcissists, doing any one thing to the exclusion of others can create challenges. If you feel harrassed and overwhelmed by information overload or pressure from all that connectivity:

Facebook Overload
Routledge School Psychology and Social Justice: Conceptual Foundations and Tools for Practice
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Michael Brown, Gaza and a crowd-sourced record of abuse: In defense of ..  — Salon
For politically-minded individuals hoping to make a difference, the social media toolkit can be an invaluable ally. Just ask social worker, blogger and Twitter activist “Feminista Jones” (that's her nom de web).

Helping tourism windfall for Murraylands  — The Murray Valley Standard
According to Ms Scheepers, social media had helped promote the event as attendances were up 40 per cent from the previous year, but she was unsure whether it had helped attract outsiders to the show.

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Australia: New social media toolkit for regional events  — International Meetings Review
A new online social media toolkit released by Tourism Research Australia aims to help event managers understand in eight easy steps how best to use social media to promote their regional events.

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