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ConfusedIf you’re a marketer or relatively new to technology there is bound to be some technology terms that you come across regularly but would love an English(!) explanation of them.

Do you know what a TLA is…a three letter acronym! I’ve avoided these in the list below but technology people love to make things more confusing than they are.

We have compiled a social media glossary of 25 technology terms, enjoy!

Business Objective of this article

If you understand the terms we outline in this document it will help remove some confusion from Social Media and open up more opportunity.

Social Media Technology Terms

Here’s 25 Social Media Technology Terms of Confusion

1. RSS (Real simple syndication) – When I want to read the latest blog posts from a collection of my favorite blogs I open up an application called an ‘RSS reader’ which brings in all the content from the blogs and displays in one place. The reason it can do this is because the blogs comply to standard called ‘RSS’. As they comply with this standard you can build an application that understands this format and can take blog posts from all blogs that support this. I use feedly rss reader.

2. RSS Feed – When you make your blog posts available for reader applications to pick them up you are making available a feed of your blog posts. This can either be a summary or the full blog post.

3. Organic – If I share out a post on Facebook and it goes to Fans only that is organic. If I do a search on Google and look at results that are not advertisements these results are organic. So they refer to natural results that you are not manipulated by advertising and that are not viral (see next).

4. Viral – Viral typically refers to something that goes beyond the reach of organic. For example, if you share a Facebook update and it is delivered to non fans that would be considered viral.

5. API (Application Programming Interface) – This is where a software programme has developed a standard way of accessing their data through other applications. So instead of knowing how their code works internally they provide a standard way of accessing information. For example, if we developed a social media monitoring tool we could provide an API which allows you to access a set of results from this programmatically.

6. URL Shorterner – This is a tool that shortens web addresses. You may want to reduce the web address size so it fits in a twitter update or you may want to make it easier to remember for users. You can also use them to help you track how many people clicked on the link and where they clicked on it. is the most well known URL Shortener.

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Popular Q&A

What is the best social media metrics tool?

First of all, it all depends on the aims of your social media activities and your requirements.
A tool I can recommend (and I work for the company that developed it) is BuzzBundle. I personally use it every day for social activities.

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