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12. If you are guest posting on other blogs make sure to include keyword rich links in your profile when you are linking back to your site. Generally when you guest post they will just copy what you send for the post so make sure to include the links!

13. Implement Google Authorship. This means Google will start linking all your blog posts on your site and other sites and build up a profile about you as an author. This is not used for ranking yet but this will happen. Another benefit is that your picture will start appearing on search results.

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16. If you have more than one blog than use ManageWp to manage them. It’s a great tool for managing multiple blogs. You can update wordpress on all blogs at the same time, update plugins, take backups and lots more.

17. Revisit your old blog posts and do some SEO optimisation on these. You shouldn’t change the website links to these posts but you could optimise the titles, descriptions and also the linking done between posts.

18. Schedule delivery of your blog posts to twitter multiple times. You’re not going to capture everybodies attention the first time.Marcus Sheridan Video on RazorSocial You can use to manage this or you can use Hootsuite which allows you to schedule posts.

19. Make sure your blog is supported on a mobile device. We get over 20% of our traffic from mobile. We have a responsive theme which means the blog adjusts in size according to the size of the device.

21. Use Hittail as recommended by Syed Balkhi to further optimise your posts.SocialBro Follower Statistics It will suggest keywords that you can rank higher on so you can update existing posts or create a new post based on these keywords.

22. Use to automatically publish your blog posts to twitter. Very easy to set it up and once set up your posts will be published to twitter (and other platforms depending on your setup).

24. Use Google Keyword tool when you are doing your keyword research but make sure to check the ‘exact match’ option so you can only see exact matches. Google Keyword tool lets you know what people are searching on.

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Apple hires Angela Ahrendts' confidant & former Nike exec to lead social media ..  — 9 to 5 Mac
I think paying money for social media tracking tools is nuts.

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